An evening at the Beach

Another lovely evening at Tynemouth Beach and I’ve arranged to meet my lovely friends Jamie and Georgina.  They’ve come straight from work and and shortly after we meet in the car park we stroll down to the sands.  The tide is out, the beach is almost deserted and the weather is almost perfect too.  These two are a great couple and such a joy to be around and as we giggled, the sun came out for the last few shots.  2016-03-25_0001 2016-03-25_0002 2016-03-25_0003 2016-03-25_0004 2016-03-25_0005 2016-03-25_0006 2016-03-25_0007 2016-03-25_00092016-03-25_00022016-03-25_0011 2016-03-25_0010 2016-03-25_00122016-03-25_0008 2016-03-25_0013 2016-03-25_0014 2016-03-25_0015 2016-03-25_0016 2016-03-25_00182016-03-25_0001 2016-03-25_0019 2016-03-25_0020 2016-03-25_0021 2016-03-25_0022